Nashville Child Photographer | Brentwood TN Photographer: Huffington Post

Weddings can be beautiful, joyous occasions but damn, they take a toll on a person.

Between smiling all day long for posed pictures, sitting through the ceremony, dancing your way through the reception and eating so much cake that there’s a very real chance you might explode, it’s one long-ass day.

Nobody understands this better than the flower girl below, whose before-and-after wedding photos were posted to Reddit on Monday.

Credit: Laura Janicek Photography

All smiles and then…not so much. We feel you, girl.

Great little article in the Huffington Post featuring my work. 🙂

I attended my cousin’s wedding this weekend in Atlanta.  Being a family wedding, my beautiful niece Maddie was the sweet and excited little flower girl.  I took a little portrait of her at the start of the day and kept my camera on me throughout the event.  Maddie was a dream flower girl and absolutely loved every second of it…almost.  At the end of the night, after a long day of being ‘on’, the excitement began to fade just a bit… 😉  At that point, even some adults have their moments!!   Maddie had a one second flash of anger cross her face and I just happened to catch it.  It was a pretty funny juxtaposition to the angelic picture I had taken of her earlier in the day, so I posted it on my Facebook page.

It found it’s way to where it received over 2 million views in 24 hours!  I think we can all relate to her emotions…

From there, The Huffington Post requested permission to use the images in this fun little article.   🙂